About us

Media-exhibition holding Beautiful houses has been organizing and conducting the International exhibitions and conferences since 2005. The Company team is the top specialists in the sphere of marketing and highly effective exhibitions organization.

Moscow exhibitions organized by Media-exhibition holding make the field for professionals’ communication of the most important sectors of the Russian economic such as:

Architecture: individual projecting, calculation of the project

Building: wooden, frame and stone houses; building materials, roofing, insulation; engineering systems; facade systems

Interior: interior design; furniture and decor; finishing materials, sanitary ware and ceramics; windows, doors and stairs; floor coverings; lighting

Fireplaces and stoves industry: wood-burning fireplaces and stoves; gas and electric fireplaces; bio fireplaces; boiler-heating furnace; fireplace surrounding; forged products and accessories; heating equipment; chimneys

Aqua industry: swimming pools construction and design; swimming pools equipment; equipment and technologies for water treatment and purification; finishing materials: mosaic, ceramic tiles and other

Wellness-industry: design, construction and design of pools, saunas, hammams, wellness- and SPA centers; spa technology; equipment for baths, saunas, hammams; furnaces for baths and saunas; accessories

Landscape architecture and design: designing, planting and landscaping; landscape lighting; planting and lawns; hard landscaping; conservatories; garden furniture; aqua design; garden machinery; barbecues and grills

Exhibitions organized by the Media-exhibition holding call together the leading specialists from all over the World (Belorussia, Ukraine, Baltic countries, Europe and USA).

The perfect knowledge of the architecture projecting and construction industries, professional exhibitions organization at the top level make it easy to participants to demonstrate their production, find new partners, conclude contracts as well as to make the market analysis and understand prospects for future developing.

Looking forward to see you among the participants or visitors of the professional exhibitions of the Media-exhibition holding Beautiful houses!